what we're all about

PracticeWorks takes a fun, fresh and personal approach to helping modern and motivated professionals in private practice create a profitable business they love.  Committed to being straightforward about the task at hand, PracticeWorks was started as a way to simplify the often confusing and stressful path towards a thriving private practice and to provide simplified steps and strategies to help therapists and other professionals take their practice to the next level! Here is a quick snapshot of how we help:

√   Practice Planning & Development
√   Target Market Clarity
√   Marketing Strategies & Solutions
√   Website Planning & Development
√   Public Relations & Networking
√   Online & Internet Based Marketing
√   Social Media Strategy
√   Time Management
√   Money Matters & Budget Setting
√   Practice Building for Interns
√   Expanding, Hiring & Management
√   Work, Life + Play Balance
√   And more…

There is no doubt that most therapists and pro’s in private practice lack the necessary business building skill set to reach the success they had imagined. And lets face it, most of us are never trained to become entrepreneurs or business minded professionals, but instead, trained to be great in our therapeutic roles.  In order to help our client’s thrive, PracticeWorks has taken an intensive yet user-friendly approach grounded in research, logic and experience to help individuals conquer the necessary building blocks of a profitable business and to maneuver around the roadblocks that may be limiting success and prosperity!

Having a successful multi-clinician private practice, a prosperous online presence, a solid business and marketing plan, and income producing products and programs under our entrepreneurial belt, PracticeWorks was built on a foundation of proven experience and a ton of passion. Our services and programs are custom created and individualized around you and your unique personal, professional and practice needs. It’s our goal to understand where you stand right now in your business in order to outline a clearly defined path to get you where you want to be. Get ready to breakthrough any blocks you may have and start welcoming more possibility and abundance into your life and practice.

It’s rather simple, PracticeWorks will help you change lives + make money.

Smart. Profitable. Solutions. That’s PracticeWorks.

meet maaliea

Talk about a therapist on a mission. Maaliea Wilbur, LMFT, owner and founder of PracticeWorks, realized her professional dreams early on…. to do what she loves as a therapist and to do it successfully! This is exactly what she’s done. It’s been quite a wild ride and Maaliea has yet to look back! Her energetic drive and determination lead her to successfully create a profitable 6-figure therapy practice within her first year of being licensed.  By year two she had hired additional therapists and support staff and has continued to diversify, grow and thoroughly enjoy her practice ever since.

Although making her dream a reality hasn’t always come easy, Maaliea has stretched her entrepreneurial muscles and stuck with it. Pushing through both personal and professional highs, lows and a few bumps and learning curves along the way.  Through PracticeWorks,  Maaliea now plans to pass along the abundant business and practice building skill set she has enjoyably acquired.   It’s her goal to support and offer other professionals the opportunity to thrive and create the practice they desire and deserve! As a wife, mom of two you kiddos, and a busy professional and entreprenuer, Maaliea is living proof that balancing act of success is possible!

Are you ready for it?!